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SEPA Member Services

SEPA provides opportunities for members to stay informed, get involved, and be active at a professional level that is different from the classroom. SEPA offers recently selected PAs the opportunities to interact and network with PA alumni. At the same time, PA alumni get the opportunity to continue their professional growth by sharing their ideas and expertise. As members we can offer our own experiences as evidence of personal growth and develop a network of resources and remain life-long learners. Here are some of the perks of being a member:
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  • ​Presenting at  conferences provides information on new teaching strategies and opportunities to increase content knowledge while you recharge your passion for teaching. SEPA would love to have you representing the organization
  • Attending conferences increases your opportunities for professional networking. 
  • SEPA members are invited to present the annual NSTA Outstanding Trade Books at the spring conference.
  •  SEPA has an annual lunch at each of NSTA”s spring conferences.
  • SEPA members are encouraged to join NSELA as they have taken a step into leadership with achievement of the award and many are leaders in their schools or districts
  •  SEPA members are encouraged to submit a manuscript to the Leadership Matters column of Science and Children , a joint column between NSTA and NSELA 
  • SEPA offers monthly speakers, webinars or activities for you to participate in and grow professionally.
  • SEPA communication is through email so it is very important that we have your preferred email address.
  • SEPA membership is renewal and  the renewal is automatic automatic unless you are paying by check
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