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APAST President's Welcome

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Welcome to the new and improved APAST!  We congratulate all those new awardees who were recently announced and are excited to hopefully be part of your PAEMST journey!  APAST has always dedicated itself to high quality science education and, even in these trying times, we work towards this goal.  With our new website and member services as well as our monthly Zoom webinars that are free to all, we will continue to network and connect all those teachers who are eager to learn and grow.  Please stay tuned for more news coming from APAST!

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Dr. Jason Crean, President

Meet Our Executive Committee

Dr. Jason Crean

Kim Parfitt

Linda Smith

Nancy Foote

Marian Dewane

Linda Smith
Newsletter Editor

Elementary Science Directors

Connie Crittenden

Linda Smith

Kathy Renfrew

Middle School Science Directors

Nancy Nega

Nancy Foote

High School Science Directors

Mike Fumagalli

Mary Wuerth

Kim Parfitt

Higher Education Directors

Linda Smith

Marian Dewane


Fran Hess

Julie Olson

Get Involved! - Become a Volunteer!

APAST needs volunteers to become involved in the APAST mission “…dedicated to excellence in science teaching and continuous learning opportunities for all.” Elected or appointed positions allow members to become professionally active and influential in developing policies and future goals of APAST.

APAST Constitution & Bylaws

APAST Policies & Procedures

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