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How does 3-dimensional teaching and learning prepare students for college and career?

February 2021

Labs: Broadening Our Scope for Our Shifting Learning Landscape

Presented by:

Kim Parfitt (PAEMST 2013)
Dr. Jason Crean (PAEMST 2009)
Kristin Rademaker, Science Education Consultant

September 2020

Using Informal Science Resources to Support Learning: In and Out of the Classroom

Presented by:

APAST Panelist

November 2020

A Misconception-Based Approach to Combating Pseudoscience in the Science Classroom

Presented by:

APAST Panelist

August 2020

Navigating the Current Educational Climate: Engaging Students & Supporting Teachers

Presented by:

Mike Fumagalli (PAEMST 2015)
Kristin Rademaker, Science Education Consultant

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Thursday, July 15, 2021 – 7:00pm EDT / 4:00pm PDT
"How does 3-dimensional teaching and learning prepare students for college and career?"

Presenters:  Kristin Rademaker, Angela Box, Dr. Karen Lionberger, Tara Jo Holmberg, Dr. Tatiana Tatum, Dr. Michael Lach, Dr. Ramesh Laungani, Dr. Thomas Sanger, Dr. Helen R. Quinn, Dr. Senetta Bancroft, Dr. Jason Crean

Moderated by Michael Fumagalli

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