Executive Committee

President: Linda Smith                

President-Elect: Nancy Foote    

Treasurer: Minadene Waldrop 

Secretary: Donna Governor       

Past-President: Fred Myers       


Click here to view APAST Officers – Historical Record 2016.


District Directors

District 1: Kathy Renfrew             

District 2: Fran Hess                      

District 3: Kelly Green                   

District 4: Mirandi Squires          

District 5: Charlene Dindo           

District 6: Dwight Sieggreen       

District 7: Jason Crean                  

District 8: Julie Olson                    

District 9: Marie Pool                    

District 10: Beth Vinson Grabois

District 11: Marian DeWane       

District 12: Dawn O’Connor       


  • About APAST

    The APAST is a membership organization composed of exemplary science educators who have been recognized for their teaching and honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.   Learn More...