President’s Message – December, 2015

President’s Message – December, 2015

The holidays are upon us once again after just a few months of the new school year. Where does time go? And, once again, APAST’s Presidential Awardees across the nation are providing first-rate science instruction to thousands of students.

This is a very exciting time for science educators. As a result of all the thought that has gone into the NGSS and all the talk that has swirled about STEM, all of us should be re-thinking the way we teach science to students and the way we assess their learning. After decades of modest improvements in science education, we may be on the cusp of something truly significant.

APAST should be at the forefront of the evolution of science education. However, I am sorry to report that the organization has not emerged as a leader in this area. For obvious selfish reasons I prefer to believe that it has not been the result of poor leadership in APAST, but I will share part of the blame. I prefer to believe that the biggest problem has been caused by APAST members being so busy with their professional lives that they cannot afford to devote significant time/effort to APAST initiatives. Please consider getting more involved in APAST initiatives. Also, please urge other Presidential Awardees you know to join APAST.

A series of computer issues has caused problems with our membership records. We are currently working through back records to reconstruct the accuracy of our current membership records. Please be patient with us regarding this.

Please expect to get at least three emails from me in January. One will be the ballot for APAST’s 2016 elections, one will be about the status of your membership, and one will be about ways to contribute to APAST initiatives.

Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year.

Photons rule,



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